“The Discovery of Agriculture Was the First Big Step toward a Civilized Life.” Arthur Keith



AgroGen is an IoT based agricultural management system for effective, efficient and smart agriculture.


Agriculture sector contributes maximum to the GDP yet is plagued by fragmented land holdings and low productivity. Basic information on- land, crop, climate, irrigation etc, largely remain inaccessible to farmers. AgroGen harnesses efficient technologies, paving way for effective farming techniques for smart agriculture.

Informed decision making is enabled with regards to usage of water, fertilizers, manures etc. Technical know-how like identifying healthy seeds, right harvest time, soil moisture, humidity etc., can be also be ascertained.

AgroGen utilizes the potential of telecommunication to provide the reliable and consistent information to the farmer. Furthermore, they can access their land remotely without internet connection through a feature phone.


How does it work?


  • Interacts with the people over telephone to apprises the behaviour of irrigation land to the farmer over the IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • understand the land pattern and related conditions which helps to improve productivity
  • Predicts the weather condition to perform precise irrigation
  • Control the motor over a missed call, which further enhances the security of control, aiding the management of water and electricity


Considering use of Smart Phones is among the highest in India even at the bottom of the pyramid, farmers can seamlessly get acquainted with AgroGen. Hence for increase in productivity, farmers can now easily go smart!


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