Our water resources are turning scarce and very soon we may run out of water everywhere. The World is facing a severe water crisis and getting closer to Day Zero!

Are you responsible for Day Zero?



A complete monitoring and control solution that facilitates wireless smart water monitoring. The data is constantly updated over the FluxGen cloud platform in real time. The data is constantly updated over the FluxGen cloud platform in real time to ensure that users can access the data over the web or mobile app on demand.

Analytics ON THE GO!

AquaGen users can view data through a customizable Graphical User Interface over a Web Browser or through a Mobile App. With its mobility and quick responsiveness, ‘Analytics of AquaGen‘ can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime.


What it does?

Analyses data to communicate consumption patterns & offers actionable insights to facility managers, enabling them to take prognostic measures.

AquaGen can save up to 15 per cent of water expenditure


The Benefits: Use AquaGen Today, For A More PREDICTABLE TOMORROW!

  • Identifies potential inefficiencies in water consumption
  • Reduces water related expenditure up to 15 percent
  • Predicts water availability during critical moments
  • Lowers the need to hire additional manpower
  • Forecasts water consumption patterns
  • Tracks and monitors water pump operations
  • Helps control water levels in the overhead tanks
  • Detects and alerts in case of leakage or excess consumption
  • Works in real time across various devices


Water pollution is an ever growing problem that we all face today. With 85% of the earth covered with water, we still face shortage of drinking water and are steadily moving towards Day Zero. This scarcity of potable water is due to the rising level of pollution that we see today.

Water pollution caused by factories and other industries is the gravest of all. Firstly, industrial facilities use freshwater to push away heaps of waste away from the establishment. Then, this contaminated mixture is discharged into lakes, rivers and oceans, posing a threat to the ecosystem.

In order to comply with the environmental regulations of Pollution Control Board, industries use water treatment plants before discharging. The cost involved in the treatment (per kilo liter) of water is exobitantly high. Moreover, industries purchase water for consumption and use at extremely high prices. The energy consumption in the entire water cycle adds on to the expenditure.

Hence it’s imperative to save water and cut down on expenditure related to same. It’s paramount to discern water consumption to check leakages and wastage to achieve the same. The current methods are human intensive and not reliable.

“At FluxGen, we have developed AquaGen, a cloud based technology, to track water usage and to help industries save water expenditure by upto 15%”


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