Dear friends,
I’m super glad that my Alma-mater, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has given me an opportunity to offer the course Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as a guest faculty. This course is a part of the proficiency course at Center for Continuing Education (CCE). The course is open to the public and will be to held every Friday 6PM to 8PM at the IISc, Bangalore campus. Engineering graduates (BE/BTech) of any branch irrespective of when you have graduated can apply for the course as IIoT is a multidisciplinary field. The course will be starting from the 2nd week of January 2017. More info about the course content and registration can be found here (Course no.20 is IIoT):
The course will have a blend of the Engineering and Business aspects of IIoT. The aim of the course is to help students (read: participants) understand various technologies, platforms and tools available to implement IIoT systems along with the business models associated to make it marketable and profitable. Participants from various occupational backgrounds, such as Electrical, Marketing, Electronics, Computer Science, Mechanical, Finance, Communication, Instrumentation etc can take up this course. While I’ll be delivering lectures on IIoT, I’m keen in making it more of a participant centric course and envision a role akin to a moderator of the course. I’ll also be inviting experts in various domains from Industry and Universities every week for a 20 min talk to share their knowledge in their respective domains. I’ll also invite people from Business backgrounds to share their experience in starting and running an enterprise. My ultimate aim is see a bunch of participants pursue entrepreneurship in IIoT after completing the course.
To make the course hands-on, I’ll be starting a hypothetical IIoT start-up called as 14WEEKS IoT Technologies Private limited for participants of the course. The class will be divided into various teams depending up on their primary focus area. The focus area could be embedded systems, mobile app development, business development, marketing, cloud computing, electronics circuits, web development etc. Focus area based assignments will be given in such a way that 14WEEKS will have products to sell in the IIoT market at the end of course. Tests will also be conducted in a similar manner testing the practical and business knowledge of the participants. The end goal of 14WEEKS IoT Tech is to become a real company and raise funds from the investors. Based on the performance and involvement of the participants, I’ll be happy to share the equity of the startup.
It’s been eleven years since I graduated and five years since I started FluxGen. In these years I found my true calling in inspiring and igniting people’s mind to convert an idea into reality. I must say I’ve met some amazing minds in the process, who have inspired me to do things that I would have never imagined to do. This course is one such humble pursuit and I hope you take up this course for the benefit of yourself, the classroom and the entrepreneurial world. I hope we create products that will change the way the Industry works and mankind lives.
See you in the classroom in the New Year!

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