Solarize it. Save it. A platform for both hybrid solar and wind energy installations




‘Solar Power’ is perhaps the only source of energy that can be used infinitely, without posing a threat to the environment. It’s renewable, non-polluting and contributes towards sustainable development. These multi-benefits come essentially at NO cost!

At PhotoGen, we understand the intrinsic value of solar power. We infuse smart technologies to yield maximum benefits. Our vision is to spread the message of clean and green energy especially among the industrial circuits. Since industries consume tremendous energy every day, by switching over to Solar energy they can:

Reduce their power bill significantly and light a way towards healthy living

Solar Power is a long-term investment proposition that can leave a legacy of a clean environment. Moreover, the simplicity in installation makes it ideal for using in remote or rugged locations which are away from the mainstream areas.


The product basket offered by PhotoGen can kindle the quest of adopting clean energy:

  • Solar Health Monitoring System
    • Detects and deciphers the root cause of inefficiency in solar panels
    • Facilitates energy monitoring Module/String wise
    • Reports the above to the maintenance room wirelessly through IoT
  • On-grid Solar PV installation
    • Derives electricity generation and utilization pattern through solar power
    • Excess power, if any can be routed to grids and vice versa
    • The Government can provide right remuneration for the above to both parties
    • Net metering is important in case of power diversion
  • Off-grid solar PV installation
    • Unlike on-grid PV installation, the excess power is stored in batteries and not diverted to grids
  • Solar street light
    • No external power aid required, the streets can be lighted using small solar panels

Notable Steps:

  • Installed Solar microgrids in 70 households at Mendi Village, Belgaum which is a remote location. This area is yet to have a grid connection
  • Renewable energy lab setup in reputed institutes where more than 1000 students can conduct experiments
  • Around 80 research papers have already been published with our inputs/collaboration
  • Installed Solar PV Plants both at residential and commercial levels ranging from 1KW to 100K


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