“The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.” Oscar Wilde



Knowledge sharing has helped mankind to evolve into smart and intelligent species!


ProtoGen is a thriving academic forum for knowledge transfer mainly through workshops and training. We strongly believe that knowledge and learning should not be restricted in the four walls. The aim is to provide hands on experience in working with upcoming IoT solution to the industries.


The idea is vibrant, so ProtoGen could be:


  • A place, person, community or a guide through the journey of an engineer or any other person to get as closer to technology (could be in person or online)
  • A community for entrepreneurs and hobbyist to prototype, build quality products, interact, teach and aid in taking the prototype to the next level
  • A companion for engineers in their journey in digital transformation


Overview of our workshop

Day One

  • 1st Session: Introduction to IoT; Opportunities in IoT; Few examples of IoT systems deployed by FluxGen
  • 2nd Session: Sensors and Actuators for IoT systems; Interfacing circuits; IoT Hardware
  • 3rd Session: Introduction to IoT hardware and software tools (Hands on)
  • 4th Session: Industry 4.0; Case study of Industry 4.0; IoT Protocols

Day Two

  • 1st Session: Programming IoT hardware using Aurduino IDE
  • 2nd Session: Integrating IoT hardware with Cloud platforms
  • 3rd Session: Basic mobile app development and integrating with IoT hardware
  • 4th Session: Introduction to programming on Raspberry Pi; Demo of a working IoT system and Advanced IoT tools


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