FluxGen Engineering Technologies is on a dutiful mission to help mitigate water crisis across the globe by deploying state-of-the-art solutions in water monitoring and management. The firm aims at providing cost-effective Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to identify consumption pattern and reduce water expenditure. Water as a resource needs to be managed for judicious consumption. The figures of consumption, leakage, overuse etc need to be deciphered for proper sustainable planning.
Expanding population has triggered a surge in water consumption. Since it has always been a challenge to accurately measure water levels and consumption patterns, Water resources have rarely been managed.
FluxGen has been a pioneer in measuring and managing water consumption across industries. A simple shift to identifying the consumption pattern can be a game changer. At FluxGen, we firmly believe,

What gets measured gets managed.


Mission & Vision

Leverage upon technology to identify water usage and consumption patterns

Build solutions for efficient and sustainable usage of water resources

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