Dear friends,
About two months back or so I got an email from a person from CoE-IoT (NASSCOM) that IET India is conducting the first edition of the IoT India Congress. After going through the website I registered immediately for the event as I could sense a great learning and business opportunity in the IoT space. I was also keen on exhibiting our (FluxGen’s) products but I did not wish to go ahead, as the cost for the exhibition stall space was more than what we spend on our office rent for the entire year. About three to four weeks back I got another email from the same person regarding the participation for IoT India Startup Award at the event IoT Congress. On the eve of deadline date, I did a night out filling the details of our product, business plan, projects executed using the product and the company, and shared the same with my colleagues and our Chairman Dr. Gopal. About fifteen minutes before the deadline, we some how managed to submit our application to the IoT India congress awards team.
Three days before the event we got an email from the awards team stating that we were among the Top 10 nominees shortlisted for IoT Start-up Awards, and the email also mentioned that the Top 3 IoT Start-ups would be announced and awarded as part of the start-up awards session of IoT India Congress. With this nomination, we got exhibition stall space free and four complementary delegate/exhibitor passes. We were thrilled to hear the news and at the same time my team which mainly compromises of engineers in their early twenties didn’t want to settle anything less than top three. While I was little apprehensive about their obsession for winning the award, I was also super glad to see extreme enthusiasm at action. As you’d perhaps agree that enthusiasm is contagious, I did get affected in the process.
After working hard for three consecutive days and burning the midnight oil, we came up with an interesting demo of our products at the event, which was held in Hotel Lalith Ashok in Kumarakrupa road. We planned on tons of features for the demo and it all worked great without failing at the exhibition. The visitors of our stall were blown and many said that our demo was intriguing. Apart from the jury, we presented our work to the government officials, which include the Principal secretary of Telecommunication Ministry and Secretary of Industry and Commerce Ministry, super keynote and keynote speakers, delegates from various Indian and multinational companies, academicians from all over India and to other startups like us. We thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the visitors, the encouragement for our work from the jury members and not to forget the five-star hotel deserts:P
The climax of the event was the award ceremony. Three out of seven jury turned up at the stall and the remaining four were to evaluate based on the business plan that we had sent to the pre-jury. While we were confident about the demo and presentation we gave, but the business plan was not prepared with great care and as mentioned earlier it was sent in a hurry. The organizers called all the top ten start-ups to give a one-minute business pitch to the assembled audience and later asked them to guess the winner. We were thrilled to hear a person shout FLUXGEN and said our work was very important, very relevant to the society, and hence we deserved the award. At that moment itself we felt like winners. The actual result which was announced a minute later was again in our favor and we were super thrilled to hear that as well. An experience that we will cherish for a long long time.
Thanks for reading this story, I’ll be glad to hear from you. Here is a short description of our product which may be useful to you. We have developed a low-cost and local IoT solution for Energy and Water management called as EWM. The EWM measures the energy and water consumed at your facility and sends the data over wireless channel so that you can get a personalized energy and water bill just like your mobile phone bill. The mobile and web application gives you useful tips to conserve energy and water at your facility (like leak detection, excessive consumption alert, etc). The EWM is very suitable for rural electrification projects using solar/wind Micro-Grids, apartment complex(where the consumer doesn’t get personalized water bill but averaged water bill), Heavy electricity and water consuming factories, Mines etc. Please feel free to write to me on if you are in need of our products.

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